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robust extruded aluminum joined together by a
stainless steel center plug. Red and blue color
anodizing protects the manifolds from corrosion
and denotes supply or return function. No end
plug is needed.
The Duoflow design provides a shorter footprint
specifically for mounting a manifold directly to an
injection mold, or where space is limited. Port
spacing is narrow for installation of hose barbs
or quick disconnect fittings only. Custom
manifolds are needed if ball valves will be
Tool change time is significantly decreased by
mounting manifolds directly to molds in storage.
Water hookup is simplified to “Supply” and
“Return” lines versus individual water lines for
every circuit



  • Shorter Length for easier mounting directly to injection molds
  • Mold-Mount to speed mold changes
  • Economical, Proven Design for reliability
  • Optional Quick Disconnect Fittings for convenience and ease of installation
  • Supports Scientific Cooling through consistent, repeatable water connections


Duoflow Aluminum Manifolds are divided internally and color-coded red & blue to denote Supply and Return cooling in a compact arrangement. These manifolds have compressed port spacing and are designed for installation on injection molds in storage. By storing molds with water circuits pre-plumbed to the manifold, only one hookup for supply or return is needed. This is one of our Quick Mold Change techniques that save injection molders time and money.

1" DUOFLOW® Aluminum Manifolds

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