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Be Sure With FeverWarn

Advanced Infrared Temperature Screening System helps to detect and screen for potential Coronavirus (COVID-19).

  • No contact, highly accurate infrared scanner monitors body temperature.

  • Quick, orderly, automated screening process.

  • Easy-to-install system can be mounted near most entrances.

  • Integrates with existing automated door security systems.

  • Provides various notification options so organizations can decide how to respond to positive detections.

  • High temperature notifications help to mitigate infection spread and instill confidence in your workforce and customers.

  • Manage multiple scanners in multiple locations through Crystalball software.

  • Custom configurations available on demand.

How it Works


A touchless, infrared sensor measures the body temperature of the person who holds their closed fist near the FeverWarn System, which is typically mounted near the entrance of a building. FeverWarn provides immediate, on-premise feedback via a green or red LED light or an announced message to proceed or wait for further instruction.

Real-time temperature data is collected 24/7 using the IoT-based Crystalball software and FeverWarn app. In addition to the LED light and the announcement system (depending on model selected) the software can be setup to send SMS/text notifications or emails to alert the proper authority when a fever is detected. The software will accurately record the headcount of people scanned and the number of individuals with elevated body temperatures which could aid in contact tracing.

The quick (up to 800 people per hour) and orderly collection and notification of contactless, accurate body temperatures helps to reduce the spread of infectious, viral diseases.

  • Highly accurate temperature measurement (±0.3°F/C).

  • Temperature screening accuracy improved by 800%.

  • Safe and contactless measurement.

  • Easy and flexible installation set up and operation.

  • Immediate alerts help organizations make informed decisions.

  • Monthly, weekly, and daily reports.

  • Aids in contact tracing.

Why FeverWarn?


Integration with Third-party Security Systems

FeverWarn can be easily integrated with existing automated doors, face recognition systems, and employee card sweeping systems.

Automated door:

FeverWarn offers digital relay ON/OFF via Modbus and serial port.

Facial recognition/Employee card:

FeverWarn sends the alarm/event driven temperature data as a cloud API to existing security systems.


On-demand Customization

Custom configurations available for public places, airports, shopping centers and helmets.


24/7 Tech Support and System Implementation

Our highly skilled experts provide support 24/7. We make sure your equipment is compatible with the FeverWarn System and integrates smoothly.

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